EU / Barnier : Main Brexit framework "largely defined" - FT

Celal Sönmez / London, Nov

13 Kasım 2018 11:31

Celal Sönmez / London, Nov. 13 (DHA) - The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator told ministers from the EU’s remaining member states that the main points of a Brexit deal were ready to present to the UK cabinet on Tuesday, according to The Financial Times.
Speaking after late-night talks that ran to almost 3am, Michel Barnier reportedly stated that \"the parameters of a possible agreement are very largely defined\" but still require endorsement from Theresa May’s government.
However, EU officials later dialled down talk of a breakthrough, saying \"intense negotiating efforts continue, but an agreement has not been reached yet\" Web Financial Group reported.
If no agreement is ready to be put to the EU by Wednesday it faces a delay until next month, meaning further uncertainty and money spent on preparations for a ‘no deal’ outcome.

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