World's first mushroom-based leather bag: Mylo

Mahmut Can Emir / Istanbul, Oct

05 Ekim 2018 15:18

Mahmut Can Emir / Istanbul, Oct. 5 (DHA) – Mylo Driver Bag, being made out of mushrooms, is the one-of-a-kind, vegan, leather alternative.
Looking and feeling like an actual leather, Mylo Driver Bag is made of fibrous mycelium found in mushroom root.
Designed by Chester Wallace, Mylo is designed to stay sustainable, natural, and to not cut corners on the experience of owning leather. In every sense, it’s the Impossible Burger equivalent of the Fashion Industry.
The developer, Bolt Threads hopes that getting Mylo noticed by the world will help bolster its production, allowing it to become as big as, if not bigger than, leather, while minimizing the ecological impact on our plane.
The Mylo super-fabric gained traction as early as the beginning of 2018 while also receiving support from fashion icon Stella McCartney, who displayed her work with Mylo at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in April.  (Photograph)

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